ALPHA Air Cut Off Valve 3CF-1490H-00 | 218-1013

ALPHA Air Cut Off Valve 3CF-1490H-00 | 218-1013


  • $17.97

Fits the following model/s:

SUZUKI SV-650X/Y/K1/K2 1999-2002
SUZUKI SV-650SX/SY/SK1/SK2 1999-2002
YAMAHA YFM-250B Big Bear 250 2007-2009
YAMAHA YFM-350AS Bruin 350 Auto 2WD 2004
YAMAHA YFM-350BA Bruin 2WD 2005-2006
YAMAHA YFM-350FA Bruin 4x4 2004-2006
YAMAHA YFM-350FAH Bruin Hunter 2004-2006
YAMAHA YFM-350DEG/DEL/DER Grizzly 350 2014
YAMAHA YFM-350DHEH Grizzly Hunting 2014
YAMAHA YFM-350G Grizzly 2WD 2007-2011
YAMAHA YFM-350FGAL Grizzly 2WD 2011
YAMAHA YFM-350TEG/TEL/TER Grizzly 2WD 2014
YAMAHA YFM-350FG Grizzly 4WD 2007-2013
YAMAHA YFM-350FGH Grizzly 4WD Hunter 2008-2013
YAMAHA YFM-350FGI Grizzly 4WD IRS 2007-2011
YAMAHA YFM-350FGIH Grizzlly 4WD IRS Hunter 2007-2011
YAMAHA YFM-350X Wolverine 2WD 2006-2009
YAMAHA YFM-400 Big Bear 2WD 2000-2004
YAMAHA YFM-400F Big Bear 4WD / 4x4 2001-2006
YAMAHA YFM-400H Big Bear 2WD RealTree 2001-2002
YAMAHA YFM-400FH Big Bear 4WD Real Tree X-tra 2001-2002
YAMAHA YFM-400FB Big Bear 4WD 2008-2012
YAMAHA YFM-400FBH Big Bear 4WD Hunter 2008,2010-2012
YAMAHA YFM-400FBW Big Bear IRS / Exploring 2007
YAMAHA YFM-400FHM Big Bear Buckmaster 2000
YAMAHA YFM-40FBHY Grizzly 4WD Hunter 2009
YAMAHA YFM-40FHMC Grizzly Real Tree 2000
YAMAHA YFM-400A Kodiak 2WD Auto 2000-2001
YAMAHA YFM-400FAH Kodiak 4WD Realtree Hunter 2001-2002
YAMAHA YFM-400FA Kodiak 4WD 2000-2002
YAMAHA YFM-660R Raptor 660R 2001-2005
YAMAHA YFM-660RLE Raptor 660R Limited Ed. Blk 2003-2005
YAMAHA YFM-660RPB Raptor 660R Limited Ed. 2002
YAMAHA YFM-660RSE Raptor 660R SE 2005
YAMAHA FZS-1000N/NC-S/SC FZ1 2001-2005
YAMAHA XVS-1100A V-Star 1100 Classic 2000-2004
YAMAHA XVS-1100AT V-Star Silverado 2003-2009
YAMAHA XVS-1100AW V-Star 1100 Classic 2003, 2005-2009
YAMAHA XVS-1100 V-Star 1100 Custom 1999-2004
YAMAHA XVS-1100 V-Star 1100 Custom 2007-2009
YAMAHA XVS-1100 V-Star 1100 Midnight Custom 2005-2009
YAMAHA XVS-1100 V-Star 1100 Custom w/ Flames 2005-2006
YAMAHA XVZ-1300CT Royal Star Tour Deluxe 2005-2007
YAMAHA XVZ-1300CTM Royal Star Midnight Tour Deluxe 2006-2007
YAMAHA XVZ-1300TF Venture 2001
YAMAHA XVZ-1300TF Royal Star Venture 1999-2000
YAMAHA XVZ-1300TF Royal Star Venture 2002-2007
YAMAHA XVZ-1300TFS Royal Star Midnight Venture 2002-2003
YAMAHA XVZ-1300TFM Royal Star Midnight Venture 2004-2007
YAMAHA XVZ-1300TFSM Royal Star Venture MM Ltd. Ed. 2000

OEM Reference: 3CF-1490H-00

  • Direct OEM-style replacement carburetor air cut off valve set
  • Include diaphragm, spring and O-ring
  • Located on the side of the carburetor the air cut off valve prevents lean fuel mixture (backfire) when decelerating
  • Temporarily closes the pilot jet airway to provide a richer mix as the throttle closes
  • Sold in sets for one carburetor.