K&S Air Cut Off Valve 3LD1490H-00 | 56-1010

K&S Air Cut Off Valve 3LD1490H-00 | 56-1010


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Fits the following model/s:

SUZUKI GV-700GLF/GLF2 Madura 1985
SUZUKI VS-700GLEPG/GLEPH Intruder 1986-1987
SUZUKI VS-700GLEFG/GLEFH Intruder 1986-1987
SUZUKI VS-700GLFG/GLFH Intruder 1986-1987
SUZUKI VS-700GLPG/GLPH Intruder 1986-1987
SUZUKI VS-750GLP Intruder 1988-1991
SUZUKI GV-1200GLF/GLF2/GLG Madura 1985-1986
SUZUKI GV-1400GCG/GCH Cavalacade LX 1986-1987
SUZUKI GV-1400GDG/GDH/GDJ/GDK Cavalacade LX 1986-1989
SUZUKI GV-1400GTG/GTH Cavalacade 1986-1987
YAMAHA YFM-250XH Beartracker Real Tree X-tra 2002
YAMAHA YFM-250X Beartracker 2WD 1999-2004
YAMAHA YFM-350ER Moto-4 1987-1990
YAMAHA YFM-350ER Moto-4 1992-1995
YAMAHA YFM-350FH Big Bear Hunting 1999
YAMAHA YFM-350FW Big Bear 4WD 1987-1997
YAMAHA YFM-350FWB Big Bear 1997-1999
YAMAHA YFM-350FX Wolverine 1995-2005
YAMAHA YFM-350U Big Bear 2WD 1996-1999
YAMAHA YFM-350X Warrior 1987-2004
YAMAHA YFP-350U Terrapro 1988
YAMAHA YFM-400FW Kodiak 4WD 1993-1999
YAMAHA XVS-650 A V-Star Classic ** Not for CA Models 1998-2010
YAMAHA XVS-650AT V-Star Silverado ** Not for CA Models 2003-2010
YAMAHA XVS-650 V-Star Custom **Not for CA Models 1998-2016
YAMAHA XVS-65 TM-ZB V-Star Midnight Custom ** Not for CA Models 2005-2010
YAMAHA TDM-850D/DC/E/EC 1992-1993
YAMAHA VMX-12N/NC/S/SC V-Max 1985-1986
YAMAHA VMX-12U/UC~T/TC V-Max 1988-2007
YAMAHA XVZ-12DL/DKC2/DN Venture Royale 1984-1985
YAMAHA XVZ-12TDK Venture Royale 1983
YAMAHA XVZ-12TK/L/KC2 Venture 1983-1984
YAMAHA XVZ-13T/TC/U/UC Venture 1987-1988
YAMAHA XVZ-13DS/DSC-DE/DEC Venture Royale 1986-1993
YAMAHA TT-225L/LC 1999
YAMAHA TT-R225L-S 1999-2004
YAMAHA TT-R225R 2001
YAMAHA XT-225 P- V Serrow 1992-2007

OEM Reference: 3LD1490H-00

  • Direct OEM-style replacement carburetor air cut off valve set
  • Include diaphragm, spring and O-ring
  • Located on the side of the carburetor the air cut off valve prevents lean fuel mixture (backfire) when decelerating
  • Temporarily closes the pilot jet airway to provide a richer mix as the throttle closes
  • Sold in sets for one carburetor.