K&S FORK OIL SEAL 43x54x11  | 16-1044

K&S FORK OIL SEAL 43x54x11 | 16-1044


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  • K&S FORK OIL SEAL 43x54x11
    High performance inner fork oil seals with double lip design.
  • Manufactured with imported technology and quality materials.
  • Meets or exceeds OEM parts.
  • Direct replacement, sold in pairs.

Fits the following models:

HONDA CR-125R 1984-1989
HONDA CR-250R 1983-1988
HONDA XR-400R 1996-2004
HONDA CR-480R 1983
HONDA CR-500R 1984-1988
HONDA XR-500R 1983-1984
HONDA XR-600R 1985-2000
HONDA XR-650L 1993-2016
HONDA VFR-750R 1990
SUZUKI DR-250 1990-1993
SUZUKI DR-250 S 1990-1995
SUZUKI DR-Z250 2001-2007
SUZUKI DR-350 / S 1990-1999
SUZUKI RF-900 R 1994-1997
SUZUKI DL-1000 K "V-Strom" 2002-2009,2012
SUZUKI GSF-1200 2001-2003
SUZUKI GSF-1200 S "Bandit" 1997-2005
YAMAHA YZ-125 1984-1985
YAMAHA XVZ-13 A "Royal Star" 1996-1998
YAMAHA XVZ-13 AT "Royal Star Tour Classic" 1996-1999
YAMAHA XVZ-13 LT 1997-1998
YAMAHA XVZ-13 A "Royal Star Boulevard" 1999-2001
YAMAHA XVZ-13 TF "Royal Star Venture" 1999-2009
YAMAHA XVZ-13 AT "Royal Star Tour Classic" 1999-2000
YAMAHA XVZ-13 LT "Royal Star Tour Deluxe" 2000-2002
YAMAHA XVZ-13 TF "Royal Star Venture MM" 2000
YAMAHA XVZ-13 TF "Royal Star Midnight Venture" 2002-2007
YAMAHA XVZ-13 CT "Royal Star Tour Deluxe" 2005-2009
YAMAHA XVZ-13 CTM "Royal Star Midnight Tour Deluxe" 2006-2007
YAMAHA XVZ-13 CTS "Royal Star Tour Deluxe S" 2008-2010
YAMAHA XVZ-13 TFS "Royal Star Venture S" 2008-2013
YAMAHA XV-1600 A "Road Star" 1999-2003
YAMAHA XV-1600 AT "Road Star Silverado" 1999-2003
YAMAHA XV-1600 AL 2000
YAMAHA XV-1600 AS "Road Star MM" 2000
YAMAHA XV-1600 AS "Road Star Midnight Star" 2001-2003
YAMAHA XV-1600 ALE "Road Star Limted Edition" 2003
YAMAHA XV-1600 ATE "Road Star Silverado limited Ed." 2003
YAMAHA XV-17A "Road Star" 2004
YAMAHA XV-17A "Road Star Spoke" 2005-2006
YAMAHA XV-17AW "Road Star Cast" 2005-2006
YAMAHA XV-17AW "Road Star" 2007-2009
YAMAHA XV-17AM "Road Star Midnight" 2004-2007
YAMAHA XV-17AS "Road Star S" 2008-2013
YAMAHA XV-17AT "Road Star Silverado" 2004-2010
YAMAHA XV-17ATM "Road Star Midnight Silverado" 2004-2007
YAMAHA XV-17ATS "Road Star Silverado S" 2008-2014
YAMAHA XV-17AT "Road Star Silverado Two-Tone" 2005
YAMAHA XV-17AW-F "Road Star w/Flames" 2007