Suzuki DR-Z400 DRZ400SM Motion Pro Throttle Tube Sleeve 01-0093


  • $6.79


Motion Pro Throttle Sleeve


Suzuki DR-350 (1998)

Suzuki DR350S (1992-1993)

Suzuki DR350SE (1994-1998)

Suzuki DR650SE (1996-2019)

Suzuki DRZ-250 (2001-2007)

Suzuki DRZ-400E (2000-2006)

Suzuki DRZ-400EK (2007)

Suzuki DRZ-400K (2001-2004)

Suzuki DRZ-400S (2000-2019)

Suzuki DRZ-400SM (2005-2019)

Suzuki DRZ-400Y (2000)

Brand New - Actual Component Shown

Motion Pro Features:

  • Direct throttle sleeve replacement
  • Heavier duty and exceed the quality and durability of O.E.M. sleeves
  • Will not scar bars like aluminum sleeves
  • Nylon fabric composite material
  • Pop-out end caps for use with bar-end-type hand gaurds
  • Molded ridges to help secure grips
  • One-piece tube and reel design